Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vin leaks some secrets about his new script

Me: Hello?
Vin: =)
Vin: hi
Me: Hey, is this Vin Diesel?
Vin: david?
Me: Yeah!
Me: Vin!
Me: Hey!
Me: Long time no talk!
Vin: david davidson?
Me: You know it!
Vin: wow
Vin: i havent heard from you since my car blew up from n02
Me: How's the script coming along? You've probably finished it by now, I suppose, huh?
Vin: yeah yeah
Vin: more cars blowing up from NOS
Vin: and shit
Me: Ha ha, that's great! Keeping up the Vin Diesel charm, I see!
Vin: yeah
Me: Ha ha ha! Is this a hint? Are you...Are you thinking about starring in a movie alongside Mr. T.?
Me: Wow! Two tough guys in one film!
Vin: sound kinda gay
Me: Well, I'm sure you can iron that out in the script!
Vin: theres no comming back from this one
Vin: =)
Vin: i wear the rainbow
Vin: and taste it
Vin: HEY!
Me: That's bold!
Me: Yeah?
Vin: idk
Vin has disconnected.

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